Molcajete Challenge


Prepare Casa Pepe’s delicious guacamole in a molcajete, added with its respective protein: grasshoppers, panela cheese and chicharron.

Enjoy the pairing: mezcal and craft beer courtesy of the Juan Barracuda house. Let us introduce you to one of the golden pieces of Mexican cuisine: the Molcajete, a traditional tool whose use, similar to a mortar, allows you to integrate different ingredients such as chilies, vegetables, and spices to create delicious sauces.



Wednesday 05:00 pm


1 hour


$350 mxn

Where do we meet?

Main table at La Cósmica Rooftop

What’s included?

Craft beer from Juan Barracuda house, 2 oz of mezcal, everything to prepare your guacamole. No worries the crickets are not alive 😉

What’s not included?

Food and beverages don’t especified


There’s not necessary to book it in advance

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