First show about "Día de Muertos" 100% in English

Every year, the 2 of November, in México we celebrate the Day of the Dead. This is an important tradition that blends our Prehispanic inheritance and Christian-European religion. We build altars, light up candles and decorate our homes with cempasúchil flowers: preparing ourselves for the return of our beloved ones, who have passed away. We keep alive the love and the memory; and for one night we keep together -in between life and death.

However, this vision of communicating with the dead ones is not only present in this date. In our fields, communities, towns, barrios (neighborhoods) and cities, we believe in this every day. And so, it is common to visit places in which people can assure that they were visited by a family member that died years ago. This is México daily magical realism.

This year in Casa Pepe we have decided to ask ourselves what would happen if we -the alive ones- were the ones that visit the dead. “Ánimas” (Spirits) is an experience that tries to answer that question, inviting the audience to dive into this journey; guided by one of the most brilliant Mexican thinkers: the educator and philosopher José Vasconcelos.
In this piece of mystery, comedy, drama, dance and theatre, the spectator turns into a spirit and has the possibility to listen to the voices of those who are “on the other side”. Some of them part of the Mexican popular culture, like the notorious 20th century illustrator José Guadalupe Posada; and some others -that may seem not that famous- but that are equally moving, important and necessaries.

Remember that the “ánimas” share with us their stories, not to be judged -but to be comprehended. Using their wisdom, maybe we can take better steps in life.

About the show
-“Ánimas” is an immersive theatre experience that takes place in several spaces of Casa Pepe.
-Our 2021 summer season will take place from July 20 still September 9. Shows every Tuesday, at 8:00 p.m.
-The meeting point is in “La Terraza Cósmica”, the terrace of the hostal. It’s open since 7:30, you’re welcome to grab a drink! This activity is carried out following the official protocols for the prevention of Covid-19. Face mask is mandatory.
Tickets $50 USD.

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-José Vasconcelos:
  Diego Martínez
-La Muerte:
  Cynthia Hamm
-J. Guadalupe:
  Fitzgerald Navarro
-Doctora:   Samantha Corro


-Original idea:
  Javier Puente & Roberto Mosqueda
-Directed by:
  Roberto Mosqueda*
-Original script by:
  Janett Juárez & Gladys Rosado (with the collaboration of Javier Puente y Roberto Mosqueda)
-Narrative counseling:
  Consuelo Venancio
-Produced by:
  Casa Pepe Hostel
-Space and set design:
  Jessica Dimas
   Dhaniela Sanchez, Iván Landeros, Jessica Dimas

*Beneficiary of the 2021 Scenic Creators Program of the Creation and Cultural Projects Support System (Fonca).

An original idea by Javier Puente and Roberto Mosqueda, realized with love and respect for those who have already crossed to the other side; and for all of us, who keep walking in this path known as life.

“Only during the ephemeral moment of our participation with the Absolute, we can affirm that we exist”


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